Roden Crater

South Space

South Space is space aligned to the North Star that concentrates the viewer’s attention on the night sky and provides a panoramic daytime vista of the Painted Desert surrounding the crater. Visitors will ascend via a rising spiral ramp to an open, circular space at the top with an unimpeded view across the desert. The center of this space is open to below, allowing light into the inner room of the South Space. An alternate path at the base takes visitors inside. Benches for seating line the interior and visitors will look upward towards the sky. The central feature is a structure that forms an astronomical instrument similar to the Jai Prakash Yantra in the celestial observatory at Jaipur, India. With this instrument, one can track celestial bodies and events (such as lunar and solar eclipses) as they occur within the timeframe of the 18 year, 11 day Saros Cycle. A single seat provides a view focused on the North Star. The South Space is, in effect, both a space with its own particular characteristics and a calendar for the celestial movements and events that are at the heart of the varied spaces of the Roden Crater project.