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The majority of the photographs appearing on this site are courtesy © Florian Holzherr and 
E.C. Krupp. Additional photographers have been credited individually. Photographs not otherwise credited are from James Turrell Studio files. The studio would appreciate notification for photographs not otherwise credited be sent to 


Grateful acknowledgement for research and support from LACMA as they were preparing James Turrell: A Retrospective:  Director Michael Govan; Christine Y. Kim, Assistant Curator, Contemporary Art;  Nancy Meyer, Assistant Curator, Contemporary Art, and Erin Wright, Director of Artist Initiatives.  

Additional and considerable acknowledgements are due to Richard Andrews, Director, Skystone Foundation;  Tom McGrath, Roden Crater Project Director; Studio Managers Kelsey Connair and Cody Kukulski of James Turrell Studio  for their detailed and patient archival research.  Special thanks to Kyung Turrell for ongoing support throughout the project and finally to James Turrell for opening up his archives and making this work available. 

The artworks on this site are a small percentage of the artist's total work, concentrating on works that are currently or permanently installed and publicly viewable. A small group are designated private.  Our thanks to the institutions and owners of private works for permission to be included in this collection.

All art works by James Turrell represented on this website are © James Turrell