Selected Articles and Reviews

How James Turrell Knocked the Art World Off Its Feet
Wil S. Hylton, New York Times, Sunday Magazine, June 13, 2013

Flying Into The Light 
Calvin Tomkins, New Yorker Magazine, January 13, 2003, pp 62–71

Poetry out of Emptiness 
Robert Hughes, Time January 5, 1981, p81

Inside a Lifelong Dream of Desert Light 
Michael Kimmelman, New York Times, Sunday, April 8, 2001

From Inside Looking Out to Outside Looking In
Archive of original artist's website online from 1995-2003  

In the Press: James Turrell: A Retrospective 
Reviews and interviews from LACMA Exhibition

James Turrell Shapes Reality
Frances Anderton, DnA KCRW Radio Interview

Articles, Exhibition Reviews, and Interviews

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